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11 in 1 Multi-Function Hand Saw

Need to cut wood? You need a handsaw. For cutting metals, you need a hacksaw. And for custom shaped plywood, the jigsaw is the one you need. Or do you?

No. You don't need any of these saws. You just need one- the 11 in 1 Multi-Function Hand Saw. It can cut wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, rope, RV, soft metal, stainless steel, tile, ceramic, stone, and PVC effortlessly. 

Use it to make a bamboo sofa, the metal frame of the bed, cut a hole in the steel pipe or even to prune trees. The possibilities are endless. It's compact and portable- carry it with you when you're hiking, fishing, or mountain climbing or any outdoor leisure activities.

Professional builders and DIY hobbyist alike are going to love this "handy" hand saw.


  • Material: High-Quality Steel
  • Hacksaw Blade: 150mm
  • Diamond Saw Blade: 150mm
  • Wood Saw: 180mm

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